Our Artists

We are so excited to be able to share the fantastic artworks of these talented local people.

Barb Watson

Barb has applied her artistic talents to all manner of creative arts throughout her life - across the full spectrum from fine art painting to hip hop dance. This collection is a series of photos of flowers taken at home and while travelling that she has then digitally manipulated into these cool abstract prints.

Colour Me in Flowers

What's The Tee?

One Friday night at staff drinks, somebody at Frame n Copy said something that was responded to with "that would be great on a tee-shirt!". And so, Whats The Tee? was born. With two standard ranges - one with local New Brighton images, and one with graphic slogans that are added to when one of the team gets a new brilliant idea - you are bound to find one that works for you.

Graphics Tees

Agnes Bean

Agnes Bean is the longstanding pseudonym of a local Christchurch artist who prefers to remain anonymous. The two collections on this site were initially created for Frame n Copy, printed as calendars and gift cards that celebrate New Brighton and Christchurch. We are happy to now be able to offer some of these commissioned works for you to have as a piece of art.

Iconic New Brighton